Betting Sites Banking Methods

Before you can place any sports bets, you will need to deposit money into your online sportsbook account. South African sportsbooks tend to support different payment methods. That’s why it’s ideal to know about the different options that are open to you.

These sports betting payment methods allow you to transfer money in one of several ways and get started with your betting journey. Our guides on the available banking methods should allow you to figure out which of them is best for you.

It all depends upon the betting site that you join as to the options available to you. The sports betting methods that BetWinner supports may not necessarily be the same ones available at Betway, for example. If you have a preference for a specific payment method, then you will need to join a sportsbook supporting such.

That’s why we have highlighted the sites best to join for specific banking methods in the guides, too. The online sports betting options you gain access to after depositing will be the same regardless of the payment method you utilise. Thus, you can enjoy horse racing betting, soccer betting, basketball betting, cricket betting, and so on, to your heart’s content.

In our betting sites banking methods guides, you will see details of transactions via bank transfer, voucher, e-wallets, credit and debit cards, and more. Check out these guides to find out which payment method(s) will work best for you and your circumstances.