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Betting Systems: which are the best 2 on soccer betting?

Author: Marco Fontana


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Today on we will talk about a very important topic: Soccer Betting Systems.
Better yet, we will make a detailed analysis of what are maybe the 2 best soccer betting systems.

Let's immediately make an important premise: when we talk about betting we are talking about leisure, not a way to win easily. When we bet we do it in a conscious way and trying to have fun, we never pay money that we can't afford to lose.

Let's keep this in mind as we go to analyze the best 2 soccer betting systems.

First Betting System: how a professional works

How does the professional work? This character of the betting world is the one who defines himself as such because he is able to get the maximum profit by playing a few games.

The goal of the professional is the continuity in his results and not their consistency. This is the best advice you can give: look for a system that is consistent, not a system that gives great results right away.

What are the elements of this system? Let's look at them:

  • Bankroll: that is, a capital to invest;
  • Odds Analysis;
  • Analysis of information.

Let's start with the bankroll: when it comes to making the bet we have to think about maximizing what is our capital.

Everything is in its management, so, as we said at the beginning of the article, we think of calculated bets, or a precise amount of our deposit, no bet that can ruin us.

So let's think of a percentage: for example 3% of our capital, made available for every single bet.

What bets can we look at? To attract our attention will be the predictions of single and multiple bets, with maximum odds of 2.00.

Let's try to explain better with an example:

With a bankroll of R500 we are going to play on the match between Manchester City and Liverpool. The result of our bet is 2, with odds of 2.00.

We base this decision on the match history of these two teams. Let's pretend that Manchester City has had a negative background, while Liverpool presents some defeats, but also important victories that put them ahead of Manchester City.

Therefore, the most likely outcome of our bet will be precisely 2, the one played by us. In this way, by playing 3% of R500, i.e. R15, we will have doubled our investment.

But how can we get the maximum profit with low odds? As we have said, the objective is not to have great results in a short time, but positive results, even if minimal, in the long run.

To get great results you have to risk a lot, and this is a strategy that can ruin us in a short time.

So, if we want to bet on low odds, which bets should we choose?

The only way to decide which bets to implement is to stay up to date on all the informations needed to make a good prediction, such as the formation of the team, latest matches, coaches, players on the field, etc..

In this regard, the best betting site that we can recommend you, suitable for this type of Betting System, is

Second System: multiple bets

The second system we will consider is quite different from the one we have just seen and is based on the multiple bet: “The Multiple that Counts”.

It is a system that has been designed to put together several matches in one bet slip. In this regard there is an interesting study regarding the ratio between the victories of a home team compared to a guest team: in 72% the match ends with the result 1 of a bet, this is because it seems that the home team is more fierce than the guest side.

In reality this is too wide a study to be able to pay attention to it, because we are talking about a calculation made on all the matches of all the known leagues, so we cannot apply this “rule” in this particular case. However, it still remains an interesting clue.

But back to our multiple betting system, how does it apply?

Before we start explaining this system, let's point out that even in this case the most suitable bookmaker for this betting system is

How to develop a multiple betting system?

Let's take into consideration the odds that oscillate between 1.55 and 1.65. From here we are going to study formation and statistics, in short, that information we have already talked about in the previous system.

We always remember that whatever scheme we want to apply, betting on soccer revolves always around information. We cannot control the fate of the matches, but to try to get as close as possible all we need is information.

This is a system that is used by the most experienced players and is based on a strategy that also gives the possibility to remedy a multiple of which one or more results are wrong.

Once we have gathered our information, we choose and select a maximum of 8 matches that we will match in a single multiple. In this multiple we place the error-corrected system, so that we can win even if a home team fails.

With the error correction system we are going to indicate in how many events we can make a wrong prediction.

Depending on the number of errors that we want to indicate, we talk about a system with one, or two, or three, etc… errors. In fact, we will indicate the number of errors that you can make.

In this regard, remember that offers an attractive welcome bonus of 100% on your first deposit, up to a maximum of R1000.

So, imagining to play R100 on an average odds of 1.60, the payout we would get would be R160.

It would not be an exceptional win, but, to conclude our speech, we have already explained what is the real goal of the Betting System: continuity.

Finally, we recommend checking the different bonuses that the best betting sites in South Africa has to offer in order to have an additional budget with which to apply the Betting Systems.

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