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Best Strategies for Sports Betting

Author: Marco Fontana


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Sports betting isn’t something that you should just enter without any thought behind your decisions. Random wagers can only lead to a downfall, even if you experience initial success. The best sports bettors utilise exceptional strategies to make informed decisions on the bets they place. Some of these are ideal, and quite simple for anyone to follow, even newcomers. We have various betting guides at BettingSites24 for players to take notice of, but this area looks specifically at strategies.

By using a betting strategy, you can apply logic to your wagers beforehand. It’s simple for someone to scroll through various sports and markets before making their selections. Yet without the inclusion of logic and understanding, you’re not likely to gain much. The best strategies create value from your wagers, and thus will provide a higher chance of success.

Basic Strategies

There are a few things that you need to always keep in mind when deciding to engage in sports betting online. These basic strategies should be at the forefront of any gambler’s mind. We have outlined them for you below.

  • Bankroll Management – While not specifically being a strategy, good bankroll management is a must for any bettor. This will determine the amount you should deposit at a sportsbook and the amount that you should wager each time. It is imperative that you stick to the limits decided upon, as if any losses do occur, you won’t have to worry about your finances at all.
  • Learn About the Odds – Learning about odds is important for anyone. To a newcomer, the various numbers included in odds may looking confusing. Yet they represent the potential payout you can receive from betting, so you need to learn about them. You should also compare bookmaker odds before selecting one to wager through.
  • Locate Ideal Betting Options – It takes a bit of research before you place a bet to find something suitable to wager on. This way, you’ll not only find the most ideal markets, but the best odds, too.
  • Avoid Engaging in Accumulators Frequently – Accumulators (accas) can provide you with the chance to win bigger payouts, yet they are also exceptionally risky. All the top South African sports betting sites provide these types of bets. Yet unless you are certain of every single outcome, they should be avoided.
  • Utilise Proper Data – It doesn’t take long to find statistics and data online about various sporting events. Sometimes, the sportsbooks themselves will provide this information. You can find out so much about an upcoming game and the potential victor(s) by looking into their past statistics. Utilising proper data is good strategy for any gambler.
  • Embrace Sports Betting Promotions – Online sportsbooks often provide welcome bonuses ,exciting free bets, deposit match rewards, loyalty programs, and so on. Take advantage of these when you can (be sure to check their T&Cs beforehand, of course), to enhance your betting balance and get more out of your sports betting experience.

Advanced Strategies to Consider

It is our opinion that a set of basic strategies should be enough to get by with and enhance your own gambling setup. Yet you can also consider making use of some advanced strategies for betting as well. You can see some details on these options below.

Hedge Your Bets

If you decide to hedge your bets, you back against your original bet to ensure you lock in profit or minimise your losses. Many people do this by using two different sportsbooks or a sportsbook and a betting exchange for their activity.

Create Betting Lines Suitable for You

There are some online sportsbooks which allow you to put together your own bet on a sporting market. This allows you to become your own bookmaker. You utilise all data that is available to you, create the market and the odds. You can then submit this to the sportsbook, and if it is accepted, your wager is placed.

Utilise Cash Out

Live betting fans will know about the cash out tool already. Through this, you can close a bet before the market it is on closes. Thus, you can lock in a profit or limit a loss. Track the games and then react to the events taking place within them. If you have backed a team to win and they take a small lead without much time left, you could cash out to lock in that profit without risking a loss if things take a sudden turn.

Become an Expert on One Team/League

Recreational sports bettors tend to spread themselves thinly across various sports and markets. Professionals will become experts in one specific field. Thus, if you enjoy eSports, try becoming a complete expert on eSports betting leagues, teams, players, games, and so on. It’s always going to be easier to do this if you’re a fan of a specific sport than if you’re not. Pick something you enjoy and put in plenty of research!

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