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Key Factors to Consider When Analysing Sports Betting Odds

Author: Marco Fontana


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The sports betting odds provided by an online sportsbook are perhaps the most important factors to take notice of before betting. They inform you of various things, but namely how much you stand to win if you place a successful wager on that market. You should consider certain things when analysing these betting odds, though.

It’s not just a matter of looking at them and deciding if they look good or not. You’ll need a bit more of an insight into things, which is what we will provide to you here alongside our various other betting guides. This way, you’ll know what to look out for where odds are concerned.

Team Technical Level

For any exceptional bettor, the main factor to consider during analysis is the technical level of the teams or players involved in a game. You’ll need to put your own research into these teams if you don’t already have a power ranking to hand. Understanding this will help you to figure out the general difference between the two teams involved.

Of course, if it’s a team sport you’re betting on, you’ll need to consider which players are participating for each team. Any player who is absent, injured or not used at all is critical to how your analysis proceeds. It is fundamental for anyone with a good study to combine technical team level with probable team line-up for a game.

A Specific Profile

You should also consider one or two other things alongside the previously noted items. If you’re the type of person who likes betting on card markets, for example in soccer betting, then you will also need to know who the referee of the match will be. Seek out data regarding the referee and if he is a frequent aggressor when it comes to handing out cards. Find out if he has the capability of red-carding players off the pitch or if he isn’t quite as strict on that front.

If you prefer wagering on specific players, then you need to understand the current phase of the athlete(s) in question. Sticking with soccer, Kylian Mbappe was the top goalscorer in 2022, so it would likely be very apparent at a sportsbook for him to be the favourite to continue doing so. Yet he does also have periods of non-goalscoring from time to time. Consider the players on the opposing team and see if there is someone of equal worth or close to equal worth when it comes to goalscoring.

Other Things to Consider

You will always need to note the specific markets of the sport(s) you’re intending to bet on before placing a wager. Sportsbooks offer different markets to bet on, so what is available in soccer isn’t likely to be accessible for anyone looking to gamble on tennis matches. Once you know about the markets and determine which one(s) you would like to bet on, you can then consider the odds available.

From there, you can compare these with the odds provided at other sports betting sites in South Africa. This way, you will know whether the site you hold an account at is providing competitive odds overall.

If you can get an advantage over the sportsbook (should there be particularly alternative odds being offered), then this is a better setup. Plus, if you have conducted appropriate research into the upcoming game, you may know more about the potential outcome of the game than the sportsbook.


It is vital to combine your own research knowledge with what the odds show at the sportsbook(s). This way, you can determine whether the odds provided are ideal or if they’re very much against you. Not only that, but you need to consider the sport or sports you’re intending to bet on, and the markets on offer.

Each option brings its own set of circumstances, so as long as you understand what each market is and that the odds relate to it rather than the sport in general, you an conduct appropriate analysis.

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