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Most Popular Sports for Betting

Author: Marco Fontana


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South Africa is quite the central hub for sports, in general. It has hosted numerous big events, including the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the 1995 Rugby World Cup, and more. Yet what sports exist in the country as the most popular options for bettors to get involved in? This guide will explain more about these to you.

Rugby Union

Played in over 120 countries around the world, rugby is a national sport, and after soccer, it serves as the second most popularly played and followed within South Africa. Rugby Union has a vast history and a large fanbase. So much so that it has brought international success to South Africa’s shores. The national team, the Springboks, has won the Rugby World Cup on three separate occasions, with the most recent coming in 2019. It is one of the most successful sports teams in the world for various reasons.

Rugby is played at all levels nationwide, attracting millions of viewers and spectators. It is for this reason that betting on rugby in South Africa has also become a top activity for many people. Events like the Currie Cup and the Six Nations, as well as the World Rugby Championship, serve as popular options.


It isn’t much of a surprise that cricket stands out as a popular betting opportunity for many in South Africa. The sport has millions of followers around the world, and it is the third most popular sport in the country. It is also played nationally at all levels, primarily organised by the International Cricket Council (ICC). A massive variety of series, tournaments and formats exist to get involved in as a sports bettor.

The top events to bet on in cricket include the World Cup, World Test Championship, ICC Champions Trophy and T20 World Cup. The national team, the Proteas, have been involved in some historic cricket clashes, too. Over 50% of adults in South Africa regularly bet on sports online, with cricket being one of the most popular options.


If you were to look at the South Africa Premier Soccer League (PSL) you would find it to be on par with the craziness of the UK Premier League. Both are second only to Germany in terms of soccer following. Undoubtedly, soccer serves as the country’s most popular sport, and this makes it the most wagered on sport at the same time.

The sixteen teams in the PSL Championship lead the way in the country’s popularity stakes, although there is always plenty of excitement when an international appearance by the South African team occurs. You don’t need to be a genius to see how loved soccer is in the country, and any chance that a bettor gets to wager on events within the field is likely to be taken. Various sportsbooks are ideal for betting on soccer, including platforms like Bwin, Royal Panda, and more.

Horse Racing

South Africa plays host to the Durban July Handicap race every year, and this serves as one of the most prestigious horse racing events in the country. Attendees get to enjoy a high level of entertainment and the festive atmosphere really comes to life. And while it also serves as an ideal event for betting on where horse racing is concerned, there are multiple other races around the world that acquire attention from gamblers in the country.

Make sure that you consider massive events in the United Kingdom like the Grand National and the Epsom Derby. These, as well as races in the USA and beyond, serve as fantastic betting opportunities in horse racing.


South Africa has also hosted its fair share of golfing events throughout the years, including The Joburg Open. First played in 2007 at the Royal Johannesburg & Kensington Golf Club in Johannesburg, it serves as the country’s premier golfing event today. It also sparked much more of an interest in betting on golf and attracts some of the world’s best golfers around. Yet betting on the sport isn’t restricted specifically to those events within South Africa.

Many other golf tournaments around the globe also acquire attention for sports wagering fans. The Masters, The Open Championship, The U.S. Open, the PGA Championship. They’re all highly popular with bettors in South Africa, and have helped to build the sports betting scene up to even greater heights.

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