Over/Under 3.5 Goals Explained 

Author: Marco Fontana


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While betting, mainly on football, you may hear or come across the term over/under 3.5 goals.

But what does over/under 3.5 goals mean precisely? In simple terms, the over/under 3.5 goals is a wager on the total number of goals in a match (both teams), covering the 90 minutes of play plus additional time. The over 3.5 goals is a wager on four or more goals in a match, while under 3.5 goals means placing a bet on 3 (three) or fewer goals in a game.

Why, then, are there .5 decimals? All over/under 3.5 goals markets have .5 (five) decimal places, indicating no chance of a draw or refund in these markets. There is no such thing as a half goal; therefore, you will either win or lose your wager.

The betting sites would have to include a third choice if the match had only 3 (three) goals. Although this option is not available in the conventional over/under markets, you can bet on exact goal markets.

A wager on over 3.5 goals covers over 4 (four) points or goals in 90 minutes plus additional time only, and the over 3.5 goals wager will lose if there are 3 (three) goals or fewer. If two teams score goals at a high rate, the over 3.5 goals market will frequently have high odds and might be a terrific value.

A wager on 3 (three) or fewer goals overall (under 3.5 goals) covers 90 minutes plus extended time but not overtime. The under 3.5 goals wager will triumph if there are 3 (three) goals or fewer, but the bet will lose if there are more than 4 (four) goals.

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