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What Is an Accumulator?

Author: Marco Fontana


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Sports betting is not always about placing a single bet on a specific market. In fact, there is much more to it than that. A variety of other bet types exist for you to get involved in at the top South African online sportsbooks. One of those alternatives exists in the shape of an accumulator bet.

In this guide, we will look at what this is and how to involve yourself in such. It is one of the most popular types of multiple bet for gamblers, as it provides the potential for larger returns. Of course, it also comes with a significantly higher risk as well. Learn more about accumulators below.

Details of Accumulator Bets

There are various sports that can be associated with accumulators (accas). Often found amongst horse racing betting fans, it has also become synonymous with soccer wagers as well. It sees gamblers try to predict the outcome of several races or matches, combining sports betting skill with outright luck. Betting sites will also frequently offer accumulator promotions that players can claim and benefit from, too.

These bets may seem confusing to anyone who is new to the scene of online betting. Yet they’re easy to get the hang of once you experience how they operate.

Multiple selections (or legs) occur within an accumulator. All these selections need to win for the whole acca to provide you with a payout. The potential return from this is much higher, too. This is because the return from the first leg becomes the stake for the second one. Then the return from that leg alongside becomes the stake for the third leg etc. Sports like soccer, tennis, and horse racing are ideal for acca bettors because they tend to feature many games or races within a single tournament.

Types and Examples of Accumulator Bets Available

In most cases, an accumulator bet tends to consist of four or more selections. Bets featuring two or three go by the names of double and treble, respectively. It is also the case that up to 20 selections can appear within an accumulator wager at most bookmakers’ sites. As the number of selections increases up from four, these become known as four-fold, five-fold, six-fold, seven-fold and so on accumulators.

To put together an example of this, we’re going to look at a horse racing event. In the UK, Pontefract Races features six events at 14:10, 14:45, 15:20, 15:55, 16:30 and 17:05. These feature different horses that you can bet on in singles or combine various runners that you think will win into an acca.

So, if you select Kandy House in the 14:10, Star Ahoy in the 14:45, Fall in Love in the 15:20, Kitai in the 15:55, Big Cheese in the 16:30, and then Phoenix Fire in the 17:05. Those selections would all combine into an accumulator for you. If those six horses won their respective races, you would receive a payout for the acca.

Placing an Accumulator Bet at Your Chosen Sportsbook

It isn’t difficult to place an accumulator bet at your online sports betting site. Whether you’re a part of the Betwinner online sportsbook or the Betway site, you’ll be able to engage in accumulator wagers. To do this, a few simple steps should be undertaken, as follows:

  1. Select the sport you want to place an accumulator bet on.
  2. Select the type of bet to make – for example, soccer team to win.
  3. Make the selections that you want in the accumulator and add them to your bet slip.
  4. Look under the ‘multiples’ section and you should see ‘accumulator’ there.
  5. Enter an amount to stake on the acca and then check everything over before confirming it.

Make sure that you understand the risks behind these acca bets as well. While you may be able to succeed and win big from your wagers, they also come with much more risk. Because all the picks have to win, you are at a bigger disadvantage than if you were simply placing a single bet. It’s always good to bear this in mind before you go ahead with an accumulator wager.

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