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Best Resources for Sports Betting Predictions

Author: Marco Fontana


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Betting on sports is something that anyone can get involved in. If you join a recommended, top-quality online sportsbook and engage in responsible gambling, you should have no issues. You can even utilise our own betting guides to assist you with certain aspects of sports betting. We also recommend seeking out sports betting predictions as well. These shouldn’t be used as a sole reason for placing your stakes but should instead be used alongside your own research. This way, you can compare such to confirm you are making the right type of wager.

Yet with so many tipsters and sports betting prediction options out there, it can be confusing which ones to use. Furthermore, not all of them can be considered as legitimate operations and are therefore untrustworthy. We have some guidance on the best resources for sports betting predictions, though.

Top Resources for Predictions on Sports Events

It’s always ideal to know that you’re receiving the best data and statistics on the sports events you’re intending to bet on. That’s why the sites we note here have all been checked and verified as legitimate options to use. Below, you will see some extra insight into the top resources for such data.

You can obtain plenty of free and valuable data on placing sports bets at this website. A variety of sports are focused on through – it even tracks presidential odds for the United States in real time when elections are coming around. Sports data includes point spread, over-under trends for all teams, features a page of odds boosts that can be taken advantage of, and more. You can even use the odds tools to calculate your potential winnings on the markets at the site.

This site also offers free content for you, featuring advanced analytics and statistics. This sees you able to view in-depth forecasts of events in sports, culture, politics, and more. Within the sports category, you will see implied percentages of victory for games in the realms of American football betting, basketball betting on the NBA, and various other major sporting leagues. There is insight into the English Premier League, baseball, women’s basketball, and much more for you to make use of.


Powered by The Punters Page, this online predictions and tips page places a focus on soccer, including leagues in England, Germany, Spain, Italy, and France. Again, this is a free-to-use platform, and it provides scientifically-backed predictions, with exclusive insight into odds and statistics for the biggest soccer competitions in the world.


If you’re intending to get involved in live soccer betting, then try the SofaScore online site. It features data for over 11,000 tournaments and more than 600 leagues across 20 sports. At the website, you can see incredible in-depth data and live match statistics throughout a game playing out. Players also receive the same treatment, with most aspects of their gameplay being tracked, too. It has a dedicated app that you can download for a mobile device, too.

Social Media and News Outlets

It is also possible to turn to options like Twitter or YouTube for predictions on upcoming sporting events. A mass of tipsters tend to give their thoughts on the games via Twitter, so you will need to winkle out the legitimate ones from the nonsense scammers.

At the same time, you can read through industry-specific news outlets for further insight. Options like Sports Illustrated can provide you with some very valuable information on any new trends within the sports betting markets.

It is also prominent to note that consulting with other bettors can be a good thing. If you know others who like to engage in sports wagering on a regular enough basis, then they may have some insight that you don’t. Combine your efforts to ensure you are getting the most relevant information and statistics to help with your betting activity. The more knowledge you have for placing your bets, the better off you will be.

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